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Garden Design vs Garden Architecture Construction

When you’re looking for someone to work on your garden, you might be confused by the different ways those that do that kind of work describe themselves.

For example, what’s the difference between a landscape gardener and a garden designer? And is someone who describes themself as just a ‘gardener’ unlikely to be able to do anything more than mow the lawn, plant some bulbs and pull up a few weeds? 

Basically, is there really anything that separates a gardener and those with more complicated job titles other than their hourly rate?

This month, we’re digging into this subject to discover how choosing the right person for the job in hand can make all the difference – and how the team at Urban Landscape Design & Construction Ltd can pull all these skills together to create a beautiful outside space at your urban home. 

Why Choose Soft Landscaping?

Because soft landscaping involves working with the living elements in your garden – your trees, flowers, plants, bushes, shrubs and lawn – when you hear someone describe themselves as a gardener, this is the area of garden work that you would usually expect them to specialise in. However, there’s a lot more to soft landscaping than just keeping your garden looking neat and tidy, so not every gardener is likely to have the skills required to imagine an overall look and then turn that concept into reality. 

back garden image showing planting and bushes


Although hard landscaping projects are the ones usually thought of as those giving shape and structure to a garden, just as much – if not more – creativity and design needs to go into making those living elements work together with everything else in the space. After all, your plants touch more of your senses, so a good design can make for a unique space that works entirely to your preferences and tastes.

One of the great advantages of soft landscaping projects is that they generally take less time to complete and involve considerably less disruption than hard ones. It’s also a lot easier to change if you decide your current layout isn’t working for you.

Of course, once those elements are in place, it’s going to take some effort (or the employment of a reliable gardener) to keep them looking that way!

Why Choose Hard Landscaping?

If soft landscaping is all about the living elements, then hard landscaping is everything else – from your paths and patios to fencing, storage and decking and even luxury outdoor living solutions such as kitchens and offices.

gym building in a garden

Designing and constructing the hard landscaping parts of your garden deals less with the senses and more with the practicalities of using the space, such as creating structure and boundaries – all while still making sure it looks stylish, feels fantastic and works in harmony with your soft landscaping elements.

These kinds of projects will nearly always mean a more disruptive experience than a soft landscaping project, and are a lot harder to change once in place. That means you need to make sure you’re engaging the services of reliable and skilled garden designers and builders you can trust. 

Here at Urban Landscape Design & Construction Ltd – and the clue is in the name – we’re your local experts in all aspects of landscaping, designing and constructing special gardens, including in urban homes with possibly limited space to work with.

We can manage your whole project, from concept through to completion, working closely with you every step of the way to ensure your new garden meets your every need, whether you’re after a low-maintenance, accessible and practical solution or a beautiful environment you can relax, socialise and spend quality time in.

Why not take a look at our gallery and case studies page to find out more about the sort of work we do? If you see something you like, or you’re impressed by the levels of creativity and the quality of the work involved, then give us a call to find out more or ask us to visit your home and discuss your ideas in detail.


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